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The best ways to slim in Ramadan

In the month of Ramadan, many people are looking for diets, diets and methods of slimming during the holy month of Ramadan, in order to maintain their agility and not gain any weight. Ramadan is a great opportunity to lose weight quickly and easily. Organizing the metabolism of the body, and through this article will mention the best ways to help to slim in the month of Ramadan. The best way to slim during the month of Ramadan Walking before breakfast is one of the most important things that must be observed daily throughout the holy month, where walking before breakfast, specifically before breakfast two hours to increase the rate of fat burning in the body, which is the hour is the golden hour for burning fat, In which fat is burned four times more than any other hour of the day. This is due to the fact that the amount of sugar in the muscle is at that hour at the lowest rate, so any effort will be made by the muscle at that hour, will take it out of the fatty stock in it , So you must stop walking before a date Breakfast for a full hour. Milk is preferred to eat a glass of milk a day before the immortality to sleep; because it does not make the body has a great desire to eat the meal Suhour, where it fills the stomach and fills the appetite, and therefore eating less food, an effective method must be organized throughout the month . Restraint during breakfast There is no doubt that breakfast is one of the most dangerous meals during the month, so you must control the quality of the eating in which it is consumed, and the dish should be small and not large so as not to be filled with food. The need to eat a meal Suhour is to leave the meal of Suhur for some people believe that the meal is overweight is completely wrong; because the meal suhour raises metabolism in the body and thus burning fat more, so be careful to eat the meal Suhur every day, but smartly, Eat yoghurt or boiled eggs, or a plate of salad, or fresh fruit, and also prefer to eat a glass of lemon juice and water before starting the meal of Suhur,

Where you should start eating three grains of dates with a cup of fresh fruit juice, to raise the level of sugar in the blood, and then prefer to eat a variety of vegetables and then eat the main meal, which must contain carbohydrates, proteins and carbohydrates and good body fats,

It accelerates the burning of fat accumulated in the body, as well as it resists hunger for as long as possible during the day. Stay away from eating sweets and crumbs should stay away from eating sweets high-calorie, where you can prepare a dish of sweets at home containing sugars and calories less,

Do not forget that the product of Lida helps a lot to slim in Ramadan because it has the ability to make you feel full, which makes you bear the long fasting period and save you from excess weight with all the guarantee and safety with Lida and laughs without anything

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