king clen


  • This product is an herbal dietary supplement and is not a drug.
  • Is suitable for reconstruction from 12to 60 years.
  • It is forbidden to be used for pregnant women, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure cirrhosis and gastroenteritis.
  • It is allergic to one of the components of the product. Keep at room temperature away from heat and direct sunlight.


This product is used in three batches of capsules per batch an hour before food and

Drink plenty of water. It is okay to use two capsules together for weights exceeding 600 kg.


 It is recommended to rely on breakfast as a main meal as well as lunch and to Replace the dinner with fruits and vegetables.

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Product Description

The first slimming product, the world is suitable for breastfeeding, diabetics, hypertensive patients, and thyroid patients, and is suitable for ages 15 to 60 for men and women.

KING CLEN A natural dietary supplement Caliber: 600 mg Quantity: 90 capsules

Product contents: Moringa – Quinoa Seeds – Espgol (Miracle Herb) – Olive Leaf – Ginger – Hibiscus Chamomile-Turmeric. With a very sophisticated combination of the best herbs and plants that fill the appetite and help to Burning fat helps regulate sugar and helps reduce cholesterol and blood llplds.

This product is licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health and is a CMP patented. Because it is the first product in the world that helps to get rid of excess weight and allows it to be used by Thyroid patients, pressure, diabetes and lactating if the infant is 6 months old and above He holds the International Quality Certificate Iso 2005/22000 and HACCP quality certificate for organic products That is, the product is %100 natural and free of any chemicals and preservatives. This certificate is the standard food safety management system that determines the quality specifications and requirements of the products.