Anti-aging. Tightening and strengthening flabby skin. Moisturizing the skin. Reducing wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Reducing wrinkles around the eyes. Improving skin elasticity. Make the skin brighter. Increased strength of hair and nails. Reducing joint pain. Promote bone health. Improve bowel health. Make lips fuller; relieve dark circles around the eyes.


Product Description

What is collagen for the skin, and what is its function?

Collagen is a protein found in our bodies at great rates, and it has five basic types, including those found in the bones and those in the tissues and muscles, including what is in the blood vessels, but the most famous type of collagen ever known is collagen found in the skin, and it represents about 70% of the components of the skin.

Causes of a lack of collagen secretion in the body
Weather and exposure to harmful sunlight and long-term air pollutants.
Eat foods rich in sugar.
Hormonal changes that occur to the body, especially in women.
Bad habits such as smoking, drinking stimulants and alcohol in large quantities, and staying up late.
Bad psychological state, exposure to stress and depression.
Lack of continuous skin care and the use of compensatory products for collagen deficiency in the body.

Natural food that contains collagen

There are some foods and foods that are high in collagen, including cranberries, tomatoes, seafood and sweet potatoes.

It is also preferable to eat foods that contain vitamin A such as leafy vegetables and carrots, and also that contain vitamin C, such as citrus and strawberries, to help the skin benefit more from collagen and absorb it completely.

But are these foods really enough to get a large amount of collagen to secure your radiance and freshness of your skin?

The answer is no, because those foods, even if they contain collagen, are not sufficient to protect your skin from wrinkles. Therefore, it is advised to take collagen pills as nutritional supplements, or use collagen-rich cosmetics.