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Obesity is a serious disease

Obesity is a serious disease classified by the Health Organization into three types:

– Increasing unhealthy weight is today one of the most common medical problems in Arab societies, which is often called normal obesity. Obesity or sickness is overweight, threatening health or life. The disease of accumulation of excess fatty tissue within the body’s various organs or obesity causes serious health problems that threaten life. Many obese people have failed to reduce their weight, despite strict food regulations, due to studies by specialist doctors, showing that there is a defect in so-called proteins.

The World Health Organization classified obesity into three types according to BMI

The World Health Organization considers that a person is overweight if his body mass index is more than 25, and he is overweight if the indicator is 30 and above. Obesity is a health problem because it causes many diseases and serious complications. The causes of obesity are common among causes of organic diseases and genetic backgrounds. Other related to dietary habits and lifestyles, which necessitates a different treatment program depending on the cause of the infection.

Global classification:

Nutritionist Huda Shit says obesity is very dangerous and gets more serious. The World Health Organization has classified obesity into three sections: If the body mass index between 30 – 34.9 is the first class obesity, while the second type is when the body mass index between 35 – 39.9 and is associated with obesity with a disease caused by This obesity. Obesity is considered satisfactory, leading to diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, heart disease, cholesterol, triglycerides and others. The third type, the index of obesity in which more than 40 and this is very serious and also considers obesity satisfactory.

“The great invasion of our lives from the use of technology, the Internet, satellite channels, and computer games has transformed children’s lives and even young people’s lives into a more sedentary lifestyle. People have increasingly preferred to stay indoors simply to watch television or play with children about doing things that require activity or movement. The lack of regular exercise by children and their tendency to sit, either because of their laziness or because of lack of encouragement and guidance from their parents, may lead to unhealthy and over-obese children. Dealt with “.

About organic causes of obesity:

One of the main causes of obesity in children is the lack of activity of the thyroid gland, which is accompanied by a delay in teething, thinness and roughness in the skin, in addition to the roughness of the child’s hair. Obesity may also occur as a result of excessive activity in a particular brain center responsible for regulating the feeling of hunger and satiety, which makes the person feel constant hunger and desire to eat.

If a parent is obese, the risk of obesity is 40 percent. If the parents have the disease, the percentage increases to 80 percent. Pregnant women, if exposed to excessive weight during pregnancy, may affect the fetus later and contribute to future obesity. Health problems caused by obesity, whether due to medical reasons or lifestyle, are too much to be obese.

Food habits:

In addition to the role of the genetic factor in the prevalence of obesity, there are also bad eating habits such as excessive consumption of some food, which causes imbalance in the daily ration. For women, the periods during which they are exposed to obesity are while taking oral contraceptives and during pregnancy.

The third reason is that there is a defect in the secretion of the endocrine glands, especially the thyroid or glands located in the kidney. The fourth reason is that there is a defect in the lymphatic system, which kills proteins, “one of whose roles is water retention,” and that the cases of obesity resulting from These causes are extremely difficult to cure, so it is difficult to overcome the disease based on a specific diet.

The reason why dieting is not enough to treat obesity is because people who consume it have very low thermal units, “less than one hundred and twenty calories a day.” They do not manage to lose weight, and from the excess of what they eat, their diets become poor in proteins, and hence paradoxically, in the name of obesity.

In addition, the experiments on obesity began to subject the disease to tests that allow detection of disorders of the lymphatic system, where it was noted that the proteins of these patients were not transferred to non-lymphatic tissue as it was imposed, but was lethargic and water was blocked and blocked places between living cells, Causing a disruption in the system of the brain, which regulates the average weight and food flow, and also result in weight gain. In the absence of the necessary treatment mix amounts of fatty and water substances and become permanent presence.

health damages

“Obesity in adults is a real evil as it works to increase heart disease and stroke because of high blood pressure and high blood lipids. Obesity also causes joint disease, osteoporosis and fatty liver disease. There are indications that obese people always complain of gastrointestinal reflux from the stomach to the esophagus, and women suffer from disturbances in the cycle

And complications during pregnancy. Unfortunately, obesity also causes cancer. Studies have shown that prostate, uterine and colon cancers are more common in people with obesity. Mental and psychological illnesses caused by obesity are nervous breakdowns, mental disorders, depression and poor self-confidence. In addition, obesity causes early death if severe. In fact, there are more than 112,000 deaths a year in the United States due to obesity. ”

– The treatment of obesity is not based on the adoption of a specific diet only, but is associated with the treatment of certain drugs affecting the lymphatic system and its system, in this context, such drugs facilitate the discharge of water within proteins by changing the path of food, which allows weight reduction, Said that for several years treated eighty-four patients suffering from obesity, each weight of each of them in varying proportions depending on each individual, and it was also at varying speeds also “between one to five kilograms per month.” The experiment was successful and these people were able to maintain a balanced weight and maintain it as long as the maintenance of treatment for life, to take small doses of medicine.

“Physical activity is the best way to fight obesity, along with a balanced diet, rich in complex carbohydrates, fat-free proteins, a moderate intake of healthy fats, and the choice of multiple diets that help to make life better, especially in patients with cholesterol, diabetes, Infertility, “explaining that” women maintain good health during pregnancy, as well as children in the development phase to address obesity and start treatment in the early stages. “