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سوء التغذية ودورها في سمنة ونحافة الجسم

Malnutrition and its role in obesity and thinness of the body

Malnutrition is a cause of death in patients, especially in our third world. Malnutrition is caused by inadequate or inadequate dietary intake, metabolic disorders, emotional and emotional disorders that can reduce a child’s appetite, limit his or her food intake and disturbed absorption of food.

Chronic infections and certain medications such as bronchitis and steroids.

Among the manifestations of malnutrition: thermal protein deficiency, vitamin deficiencies – deficiency protein protein deficiency refers to the lack of heat in addition to lack of protein.

Today we will address the role of malnutrition in obesity:


It is a condition in which energy generators accumulate in the body in excess of their natural accumulation limits.

Causes of obesity:

Excessive intake of energy-generating foods in excess of body expenses.

Lack of physical activity.

In addition to some other reasons such as: mental disorder, heredity and dysfunction of thyroid and pituitary glands.

Risk of Obesity:

They can be dangerous in being:

The direct cause of lack of age and early death.

Cause many diseases such as heart disease, high arterial pressure and kidney disease, and form pebbles in the pancreas, urinary tract and spinal injury.

Obesity Treatment:

It is done in two ways:

Reduce the amount of energy consumption per capita (carbohydrates and creams).

Increased physical activity.

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