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Lida Products

Do not take more than one capsule a day.
– The need to drink plenty of water especially after taking Lida and general during the day.
– People suffering from cardiovascular disease, pressure, diabetes, pregnancy and lactation.

– Do not neglect breakfast and lunch and refrain from dinner.
– Eat fruits in the evening instead of food.
– Keep away from sweets, pickles, grease and fat.
– Prevent drinking alcohol while taking slimming capsules.
– Prevent its use by the pregnant and heart patients, sugar and pressure

– 100% vegetative of the best natural elements.
– Safe and free from side effects.
-No harm, no need for diet, vitality revitalization activity, no diarrhea.
– Available for ages between 18 and 60 years.

مخاطر الإكثار من السكر على البشرية وآثاره السلبية على الجسم، ونصائح تساعدك على الحد من استخدام السكر والحفاظ على صحة جسمك جسم رشيق

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