كيف يؤثر الغذاء المتوازن على صحة الإنسان؟

How does balanced food affect human health?

Balanced food is not only important to meet the needs of the human body, but balanced food is a major factor in reducing the risk of disease, and the body uses protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, vitamins and minerals to cover some of the important things that the body needs and are detailed according to each of the major groups.


Protein is defined as a group of amino acids connected to each other in a certain order, part of which is manufactured within the body and human and some of which are derived from food, the body uses protein to repair damaged cells, build muscle and the formation of immune cells and blood and the manufacture of some enzymes and hormones, eating insufficient amounts of Protein leads to an imbalance in the amino acid chains and therefore insufficient amounts of protein is important for all of the above.


Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body and are the staple food of the brain and brain. Carbohydrates are a double-edged sword in the body that increases their body’s sugar and reduces the body’s ability to respond to insulin as well as gaining weight. A person who does not consume enough carbohydrates may experience severe weight loss.


Fats are highly controversial food groups.Many fats increase the formation of plaque in arteries and blood vessels and high cholesterol levels in addition to increasing the chances of obesity due to the high calories provided by people, this food group is important but in small amounts because Containing food contributes to giving cells flexibility and controlling cholesterol levels.

Information on balanced food

There are many myths and rumors about what a balanced food and the advantages it provides to the human body, and how to classify food as a balanced or unbalanced food.

Maintains proper weight

A balanced diet that includes all food groups and specific quantities ensures that you get the ideal or near-ideal weight for its ability to provide the body with the required calories without increasing or decreasing, and daily physical activity as a catalyst for balanced food ensures the body and its members stay healthy.

Improve your mood

Physical activity associated with a balanced diet stimulates the production of rarer and fin, a chemical that stimulates the brain to send nerve signals to make the body feel happy and relaxed.A balanced diet helps to improve body functions such as improving pressure and cholesterol in the body, as well as improving cognitive and mental function.

Fight diseases and provide the body with energy

Healthy habits and a balanced diet can help reduce heart disease, high blood pressure, and joint pain.It also relieves diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure and makes living with these diseases smoother.Eating a healthy diet is one of the most important things that help the body by taking adequate amounts of Energy without feeling tired and tired because the energy taken from good food does not strain the body when used unlike the energy taken from fast food.

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