Burning thigh fat according to their shape with very easy exercises

Burning thigh fat according to their shape with very easy exercises

Burning fat in the thighs area requires a lot of effort, especially in the gym. It also requires a strict diet. This region is considered the most obese. But to sculpt and lose them and burn the fat that you accumulate in them properly must pay attention to their form to choose the appropriate exercises.

How to burn fat thighs according to their shape

In order to properly and permanently lose thigh fat, it is best to determine their shape. It varies from person to person. It may be straight or in the form of an arc moving outward or inward with the thighs spacing or converging.

4 fat burning exercises depending on the shape of the thighs

Some exercises help to burn fat thighs effectively. Most importantly, it can be done at home without going to the gym.

1. Straight thighs

If the thighs are straight or not curved, it is possible to burn the fat accumulated in them by this exercise:

Stand back with the back straight and looking straight ahead.
The right leg extends forward with the foot fixed to the ground and the knee folded, with the leg and thigh forming a 90 degree angle.
Stretch the left leg back, leaning against the forefoot and folding the knee as far down as possible. To slim the thighs in this way must maintain the same position as long as possible and re-movement 10 times.

It is also advised to do a useful squatting exercise in order to burn fat more effectively:

Stand with the legs open parallel to the shoulders, keeping your back straight.
The knees fold with the lower body pushed back and down.
Stretch the arms as far as possible forward and repeat the exercise 10 times.

– Bend the thighs outward with their spacing

To slim the thighs in the form of curved arches outward and burn the accumulated fat in them are recommended to do this exercise:

The floor is seated with the legs extended forward.
The left leg folds with the foot attached to the ground.
Stretch the right leg with your arms forward as far as possible, keeping your back straight.
This motion is repeated 10 times per leg with a break for some time.

Another very useful exercise can be done: stand up and bend forward as much as possible with your fingers touching your toes.

3 – curvature of the thighs inward with their spacing

When the thighs are curved inward so that the knees converge, they can be lost by repeating this exercise:

Stand up straight and bend slightly forward with the left foot fixed on the floor and fold the left knee forward.
Stretch the right leg to the right as much as possible.
The hands are then held up on the chin.
Repeat this movement 10 times with switching legs.

4 – curvature of the thighs inward with convergence

In this case the fat of the thighs can be burned by doing this exercise:

Standing position is taken with the feet fixed to the ground.
The fingers are then standing with the ankles up.
To make the most of this exercise and plow fat more effectively, this position should be maintained for as long as possible and repeated 10 times. Running or walking on stairs is also recommended.