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PM International Company

In 1993, a German company known as BM International was established to produce nutritional supplements extracted from fruits and vegetables with high technology, such that these supplements are 100% natural and do not contain any proportion of chemicals. According to the numerous researches conducted on these supplements, very For human health and is known to Europe’s leading medical experts

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Nutrition Evlutio Corporation

American company founded in 1970 and is dependent on supplements, one of the largest companies of supplements and health products in America, the first company to put the vitamin in capsules in 1972 and to know that this company did not reach the extent of fraud, deception and illusion, as claimed by many young minds. There are international organizations that organize direct sales locally, regionally and internationally. The American Nutrition Evlution Company is a certified member of many companies and international pharmaceutical organizations

Product certifications

Lida Plus is a natural herbal formula that is produced in accordance with the latest medical standards and natural materials that grow only in the “Vegetation Green of Kingdom”
slimming and magic beauty recognized by experienced people for thousands of years

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