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15 Tips for a slim and athletic body

Access to an ideal body and a dream to many people, but there are conditions to achieve, including adherence to healthy food systems and exercise and the adoption of healthy lifestyles.

There are a number of tips you need to follow to achieve your dream, said fitness captain Mohammed Batista, who said that a person can reach the harmonious body, in a period of varying length depending on the proportion of fat and muscle, and generally begins to form the body of the novice athlete after 6 months, and highlighted 15 Tip, namely:

1 – The most important thing is to prepare a healthy diet and adhere to it, so that breakfast, lunch and dinner are composed of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats, and every day every 10 days or every 15 days a meal only.

2 – If you do not adhere to the diet in a day, it does not mean that stop and lose hope, but must return again to achieve the desired results in the end.

3 – Exercise sports, not less than 3 days a week and a maximum of 5 days.

4 – If you want to lose weight and get a harmonious body, you exercise cardio and resistance exercises are pressure, mind, abdomen, Scott for the two men, exercises Ardav and all devices weights.

5 – There are no exercises to determine any area in the body, there are exercises that help to tighten the body and prevent dilution when slimming with “diet.”

6 – The most thing that increases the rate of burning is exercise, drinking water and sleep early in addition to the diversity of food.

7 – olive oil, avocado, raw cocoa, green tea extract and grapefruit, foods that help burn fat, so it is necessary to introduce them in meals.

8. Pomegranate, potatoes, lentils, potatoes, chickpeas, watermelons, onions and garlic are not prohibited but must be regulated.

9 – Do not think that there is a drink burns fat, but there are drinks that exceed the rate of burning only, and its importance 1% proportion to slimming.

10 – Sheep is considered a full grain containing protein and minerals and important carbohydrates, and has many health benefits, is considered a complete meal.

11 – All types of sugar diet does not have any damages, which is authorized by the World Health Organization, but the best use of a natural type, and sugar fructose There are many scientific views that tired the liver for this would prefer to get away from it.

12 – Drink water at any time during the day, whether before or after the meal or before exercise or after exercise or during exercise.

13. There is no food that reduces weight, even if it is healthy or there is no food that increases the weight, but the one who increases the weight is the quantity.

14 – eat before the exercise two hours or after the exercise directly, but it is possible to eat fruit before the exercise in half an hour or better after exercise directly or drink natural juice.

15 – Finally … be patient and wait with commitment to the above to get a harmonious body.

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